Multi-Dimensional Data Modelling

  • Dimension: A descriptive information that is used to group transactional data. This provides context to analyze transactional information. eg, Customer, Product, Date, Time, Location
  • Grain: An attribute of hierarchy at which data is collected or stored in the fact table.
  • Hierarchy: A set of related dimensional attributes (columns) is known as a hierarchy. eg, Calendar hierarchy [ Day → Month → Quarter → Semester → Year ]
  • Schema: An arrangement of fact and dimension table is called schema. eg, a fact table sales are connected to dimensions customer, date, product, and geography is an example of the simplest schema (star)
  • Dimension: CustomerDetails, ProductDetails, ProductCategory, ProductSubcategory
  • Grain: OrderDate, ProductKey
  • Hierarchy: ProductDetails →ProductSubcategory →ProductCategory



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